At The Still Point: Finding Your True North (2)

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What is your life’s purpose?  Richard’s reflections on this took me back to a leadership course many years ago,  where we were prompted to write our own statement of purpose or mission statement. Surprisingly, I came up with the following: To live my life with integrity and to help others do the same. Surprisingly, as I’m not one for snappy slogans; just glancing through the Church Times sits vacs gives me the heebie-jeebies (all those mission statements!).

Yet integrity, what does it really mean? Honesty? Living true to one’s principles; your outer behaviour being congruent with your inner beliefs? In other words, holding yourself to consistent standards? What  a challenge to live up to, and looking back, I  haven’t always succeeded in hitting the mark.

But when I looked more closely  at the dictionary , I noticed  another  definition which adds a further layer of meaning to my understanding: the state of being whole and undivided.  Not perfection, which we may not reach this side of eternity, but an approach to life, its  joys as well as its trials, from a place of balance. Where, even if our compass wobbles at times, our heart is set true.

It’s  True North all over again!


I can live with that!















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