Kick In The Creatives 2018: Don’t Tell the Trees

Kick in The Creatives 2018, November Kick Collage Day One- Whisper



Don’t Tell The Trees…Here’s my first atttempt at one of KITC’s November Challenges: to produce a piece of work each day including collage. A tall order but fun nevetheless! Illness and admin has got in the way so far, hence I’ve only just got going. I suspect I’m going to find this one far more of a job than last month’s. Paradoxically, as I’m generally more at ease with collage and anything abstract, over stuff that involves actual drawing skills ( not one of my  giftings). I’ve enjoyed making collages before, mostly with the Journal 365 project, where you have a week to work on your piece.  I may have to stretch the rules slightly and maybe also hop from collage to watercolour challenges. We’ll see…

Then towards the end of the month I’m off on retreat (can’t wait!) which will throw the routine a bit. Although there’ll be ample opportunity for creative activities; the retreat centre has a wonderful art space and beautiful grounds with plenty room for wandering and pondering.

Still, that’s some weeks ahead yet. Back in the present, here’s my take on the theme WhisperDon’t Tell The Trees, taken from the old hit Whispering Grass.






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