Kick In The Creatives 2018: Dragons, Pumpkins and a Horrified Haggis

Nearly time to adjust the clocks: Spring forward, Fall Back. Don’t forget! No more pretending we’re having a late summer; Autumn/Fall is well and truly here. Time for boots, warm, woolly tights, hats, scarves and gloves; pumpkins, squashes, jacket potatoes baked in the embers of the fire, soup, treacle toffee and apple bobbing. And as the Halloween decorations are pushed aside , Thanksgiving turkeys (if you live across The Pond), ordering turkeys (if you don’t), and, as a tidal wave of glittery bits, brussel sprouts, pneumatic Santas, chocolate Advent Calendars and towering pyramids of Ferrero Rocher chocs threaten to overwhelm us, it’s downhill all the way!

Which is by way of an excuse for me to update on the Kick in the Creatives .  Here’s a sample of my efforts at tackling the annual Inktober Challenge. Talk about daunting; there’s some superb work out there which puts my puny efforts in the shade. Never mind- I’ve actually managed to produce something every single day so far. It’s fun, it helps me to focus and no doubt it’ll give some visiting alien a good old laugh in about 500 years time.

So here are just a few drawings from the past month: today’s Prickly, Day 6- Drooling, and Day 19- Scorched. 






3 thoughts on “Kick In The Creatives 2018: Dragons, Pumpkins and a Horrified Haggis”

  1. Bummer another person jumped ship to wordpress. I have to fake my email account everytime I comment on WP. I deleted my account YEARS ago, but it still wants me to sign in, very annoying. LOVE the cute pumpkin. Last week had some really good pumpkin stuffed ravoli’s…really seasonal dish that was fantastic.


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