More Musical Memories: Waterfall

072C9F17-0058-43EB-A9FB-D2F76DB964A8Isn’t it strange how one piece of music can spark off another and lead you down memory lane?  When Dormouse kindly shared a favourite track, Telling The Bees by Big Big Train, it touched something in my mind and almost 40 years seemed to fall away,  back to this  song:  Three Birds.

Waterfall , folk trio Keith Donnelly, Martyn Oram and Gilly Darbey played the university, and pub circuit during the late 1970s to the early 80s. I remember seeing them perform at college and loving them then. From a rake round online yesterday, I discovered there are many of us oldies who still  feel the same! Even taking off the rose-tinted glasses (and forgetting the silly 70’s clothes and big hair!) there’s a lasting freshness about their work. What a shame that they never made it onto CD.

The title track was always my favourite: an allegorical love song about three rivals  trying to win the love of a lady. Just listen to those haunting vocals!



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