More Glimpses of Autumn

173BD6B2-A910-48E0-949E-2E60F30AAA23Here are some more Glimpses of Autumn, courtesy  of our daughter and prompted  also by Virginia at Roses in the Rubble with her suggestions for Fall and Harvest music and hymns. Have you ever seen so many pumpkins together in one place? We hadn’t, until we visited this farm. We picked apples, had great fun choosing pumpkins for daughter and son in law to bring home and carve for Halloween. They were much smaller than the squashed specimen you can see here; pumpkins don’t come ready made with their own zip fasteners, more’s the pity!

So- to some more autumnal musical offerings. I’ve come up with three favourites:

Petit Adagio

From Glazunov’s The Seasons

I love this piece; rich, evocative of autumn days, the changing landscape and the passing of time. I’ve used it in the past to accompany a Quiet Day meditation on the seasons of our lives; spiritual as well as physical.  It speaks to me of a hope and stirrings of new life even when our inner landscape appears bleak and barren.


Fields of Gold

Originally written and performed by Sting, but  the Eva Cassidy cover will always be my favourite.

and finally

Autumn Leaves, again the Eva Cassidy version. 

Hope you enjoy listening to these and as ever, I would love to hear what music has inspired you.











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