Tell Me Why!

D026C4CD-7BFC-4331-9A4E-32D3C968EE35Yes, really! Why? When I blogged my Glimpses of Autumn yesterday, it was because I wanted to share some of the wonderful poetic treasures out there that have nourished, inspired and yes…brought me joy. They may or may not do the same for you. You may have your own favourite seasonal writings.  If so, I’d love to hear about them.

Some of the poems may be new to you. Something in them has caught your eye, spoken to your heart and you’re thinking I must check this one out. Do share.

You may be nodding your head and murmuring Ah yes- Keats…(or if you were force-fed Keats at school, maybe muttering  words unprintable under your breath). If so, do explain.

Maybe you’re a photographer and were drawn in by the mosaic of reds, greens, yellows and golden browns.  Or you live in the Hudson Valley and recognised the location. Do satisfy my curiosity.

Perhaps you’re a Jesuit, a Gerard Manley Hopkins enthusiast…or both. Brilliant!

Then again, if this post title makes you pause,  it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that you’re a Boomtown Rats or Bronski Beat fan taking a walk down Memory Lane. Welcome. Creativity is a wonderful, flexible thing and I’m sure we can find common ground . Classics are classics are classics, whatever the medium.

In other words, if you ‘liked’ my Autumn leaves   tell me why. Please.  Pause awhile . Let’s make this a conversation.













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