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EDA22F64-AD76-44DD-95B3-2F50F1277DE1Here’s the latest addition to the family. The Mr brought it back from his travels, lovingly wrapped in bubble wrap and my dirty washing!

May I introduce Purple Bull, (I’m tempted to nickname it ‘Papal Bull). He’s joined ‘The Cat.’ They’re by way of being hidden treasure; a few years ago, Mr M was cycling through a little village  in the Alsace-Lorraine region when he stumbled across Syro d’arts an open- air exhibition of contemporary art, held in somebody’s garden. Now- I’m familiar with the Open Garden scheme for gardeners, but this is way different, like Open Studios only far bigger.


Artists Roland and Sylvie have been the masterminds behind this stunning event for 15 years now, held each summer and showcasing the works of artists from all over the world. It’s a little piece of quirky paradise, set against the backdrop of the Vosges Mountains. The Issenlors are so welcoming and fun to chat with, as we found when we visited last month. They’re a fund of information about the area as well.    As you’ll see from the video clip from 2012, the collection is eclectic and covers such a wide range of media. It certainly  helped boost my creative oomph!  We’re proud to welcome purple bull , (made by Sylvie herself) to our menagerie.


If by chance, any of you should be in the region, I’d recommend a visit. You’ll need to hurry, though,  as the exhibition closes in a week or so. Also, sadly, this year’s may be the last, at least in its present form.




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