Don’t just sit there, do something!


Or, to quote Sylvia Boorstein- Don’t Just Do Something, sit there.

Both equally valid sentiments   I reckon. There are times for doing and times for being. The wisdom lies, I guess in keeping the two in balance.

Retrospective Lily’s reflections on the therapeutic benefits of exercise  have   set me pondering  this afternoon.  No, not the type of exercise  involving an amble down to the ice-cream cabinet at the local Co-op! Though on reflection, that’s not a bad idea.

I was saying that I find Pilates a really helpful way of focusing on the present moment. When you’ve got both legs up in the air in the ‘dead beetle’ position, (not its official name!), you simply can’t disappear off down a rabbit hole of rumination, or you’d forget to breathe!

But today, at 30 degrees C and rising here in the U.K., it’s hot, hot, hot!  I’ve been finding it difficult to do anything more than the absolute basics here at home. It’s much easier  to simply take root and do nothing more energetic than mop my brow with a piece of kitchen roll.


Drinking plenty of water is the key to survival, and how lucky we are to live in a part of the world where it’s available in plenty and at the turn of a tap. I’ve found a  gentle structure to the day helps as well; breaking the routine by getting up and moving around every do often  .  Not trying to bust a gut in this weather, but to use your body. In my case- heaving sheets in and out of the washing machine. (I bet you I wasn’t doing that during the great heatwave of 1976!)


Which brings me to Don’t Just Do Something.  During this fine weather I’ve taken to eating breakfast out in the garden.   It’s been a wonderful  time for reflection  and writing in my journal, Early morning, whilst it’s still relatively cool; just myself, my coffee and porridge (In summer? Yes, I blame my Scottish heritage). Well- just me, myself, my breakfast and our little dogs, one of whom always wants to sit in my lap. Contemplative she is not…  But to find that unexpected time of peace has been a helpful reminder of the need for that balance of being and doing.


Do visit Lily’s blog and add your bit to the conversation.

My question is: When and where have you been surprised by an unexpected oasis of time just to ‘be?’ I’d love to hear about it.






9 thoughts on “Don’t just sit there, do something!”

  1. I’m afraid I get a bit edgy if I don’t have something to do…but during my treatment there have been times when I’ve had no choice as I’ve been lying on tables getting zapped with radiation, or having a bone scan (Ne bougez pas!) Here I find myself contemplating the need to cling onto God…

    • Thanks for sharing that, Dormouse. Yes, I guess there are times when we have no choice but to stop, whether that’s through illness, accident or other. I do try to work on this when a train is delayed or I’m crammed up like a sardine in the underground. Rarely succeed, I’m ashamed to say!


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