April Showers and Flowers

4F9D11D0-7E35-4DCA-A96D-8855CF05D715Here we are, at the end of the month already and the old rhyme about April showers  certainly applies where we are.

Not a few of us have also ignored the old saying and ‘cast our clouts,’ before May, (be it the flower  or the month) be out, and are rather regretting it.

But Spring will arrive…eventually, and meantime I’ve been enjoying creating my own bouquet of flowers, courtesy of the URC church, one of Greenbelt Festival’s Associate partners. They’re taking up its theme, ‘Acts of The Imagination,’ and appealing to the public to help them create a vast knitted garden for their stand. You can see my first attempts in the photo, and since then, the flowers have been blooming fast and furiously! And I’m not a natural knitter!

Try it! You can find further details and patterns for knitted, crocheted and paper flowers over at the URC Website.





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