Spring is almost here: Found Poetry

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Spring – It’s a Wonderful ?World ©️J Sigrist 2012


Spring has sprung…almost. We’ve had a gloriously sunny day here. I’ve just come back from a long, muddy walk with our youngest pooch; sunshine, molehills, mud, lovely smells and unmentionable substances to roll in…what more could a girl want?

So in keeping with the Spring theme, we’ll choose to ignore  the met office’s warnings of another  “Beast From the East.”  Here are a couple of found poems from some of my past blogs. My  original inspiration is drawn  from Quinn Macdonald’s Raw Art Journaling;  who says you need to be able to draw like Michelangelo to be creative?! Just dive into your recycling bin and rake out those  old magazines, newspapers and junk mail, cut out words and phrases that call to you, rearrange them and see what emerges. it might not be Wordsworth’s Daffodils, but who cares. My ‘words’ were found courtesy of the National Trust and the Big Issue magazines.

Found Poem A-Z Challenge
©️J Sigrist 2012


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