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Kick in the Creatives, 5 Minute March, Day 6


Here’s my very first attempt at Kick in the Creative’s 5-Minute March Challenge! ‘Kick,’ is an online site that gathers together all kinds of creative challenges for artists and writers. If, like me, you’re forever stumbling across one of the seemingly hundreds of challenges, hops and other ‘events’ designed to tempt readers only after they’ve finished, you’ll love this group.

Challenges are listed in advance, by month, giving you time to check them out, decide what to try, (there are usually at least two each month) and to marshal any supplies you’ll need.

I’ve dipped into the drawing challenge for this month; to complete a sketch of an object every day. Time allowed – 5 minutes! Talk about taking me out of my comfort zone! Sketching is tricky enough for me for a start. As you can see, drawing is not one of my gifts; I’m more of a mixed media girl myself. Still, I’m quite pleased with the results, even if my specs in real life are rather more streamlined and less crooked than in the picture.

And as with anything like this, it’s a truly grounding exercise; a wonderful way of staying focused in the moment. No room for those pesky distractions!







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