Sounds of Silence

Silence is making-friends-with-time. It does not fight it or waste it, it refuses to run after it. Silence floats free with time, letting the patterns of the moments unfold at its own pace.

Sister Wendy Beckett in The Art Of Lent: A Painting a Day from Ash Wednesday  to Easter, SPCK 2017


I love this reflection on silence. Just as peace is so much more than the absence of conflict, so silence reaches  beyond mere absence of sound. (Which is as well for those of us with tinnitus, and in my case, an over-sensitive hearing aid).

Sister Wendy frees us from any preconceived concepts of silence as oppressive or restrictive; rather, leaves us with the sense of a sacred and life-giving space, which we can embrace in freedom. If we so choose.

No picture today, but you can find the original reflection and painting, Yuko Shiraishi’s Three Greys,   here.

Do you have a favourite definition or description of silence? I’d love to hear it.



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