Teasing Out the Tangles: Doodling

C5EDC390-72BE-48D4-B778-F7DA363A1BFAWhen is a ‘tangle’ not a tangle?  Does it matter anyway? I’ve been reading Dormouse’s reflections and admiring her wonderful designs.

I’ve not yet attempted Zentangling, though I do love doodling and usually have a little sketchbook and pen tucked away in my bag. Whilst  other people whisk out their phone, I’ll start scribbling; often ending up with a kind of doodle/mandala hybrid. What should I call it? A ‘Moodle?’ A ‘Doodala?’

Maybe, given that a lot of my doodling is done on the train, I could call it a ‘Commoodle.’ Or what about a ‘Troodle?’ Any other ideas?

I’ve mentioned before about creating a holding space , a place for reflection, processing, grounding, beginning to tease out all those knotted, ( auto fill nearly inserted ‘knitted’) emotions. Whatever you want to call it, it works for me!

Who’s for a ‘De-tangleoodle?’








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