Pilgrim Journey- Memories of an Autumn Evening in Wales: Ignatian Spiritual Exercises

No artwork yet for this; sometimes the only pictures I need are there in my imagination, heart and soul.

The Spiritual Exercises were devised by St Ignatius Loyola as a series of prayers and contemplative exercises to be used  as a means of helping the retreatant to deepen their relationship with God. Originally given as a 30 Day silent retreat, they’ve since been adapted for laypeople and can be made in various different forms. Not everybody has a month free from obligations, after all! That said, two years ago,  I was fortunate enough to be able to go down the classical route, spending a wonderful month at St Beunos Spirituality Centre in North Wales.

I wrote this poem one evening after listening to a homily on Romans 8:


Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

Twilight snapshot, time-threads transience

as overhead angels wait, carved sanctity

smiling down upon Faith, Hope and Love, (these three),

dancing in the lamp lit space

between our aspirations  and realities.


Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

Head bowed, Peace sits watching in a back pew

as pilgrims, (recognisable only by familiar footwear)

drift up and down faith-worn pathways;

bringing unspoken longings to that table

where all our tales are woven

into the Greatest Story.

Nothing can separate us from the Love of God.

©️ Jane Sigrist, 2015












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