Dancing Angels

Three Dancing Angels, Giovanni de Paolo de Conte Chantilly.  Public Domain image. Credit: Jebulon/Wikimedia Commons/CCO

Choosing a name for this blog wasn’t  easy. Great minds think alike, it seems, and when I finally narrowed my short-list down to one, would you believe it – ‘Dancing Angels’ was taken.

Why ‘Dancing Angels?’ Simple.  It reminds me  of those rare  ‘golden moments’ when I feel I’m experiencing just a glimpse of what it must be like to be wholly in tune  and at one with a life-giving  force  spirit or  ground of being. What I, as a Christian, call God.

Jesuit David Lonsdale speaks of Listening to the Music of The Spirit, of  praying  through our circumstances and the choices we face everyday.  It’s a lifetime’s process.

At times I feel it’s not unlike herding cats, or, put more poetically, capturing a butterfly.

Yet there are moments when a veil lifts and then…it’s as if I really am dancing with Angels. Though I’d prefer us not to be  stepping  out on  the head of a pin!

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